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Seismic Data Transfers

MIDCON has expertise in transferring non-proprietary seismic data between seismic contractors and oil & gas companies. After a complete inventory of all seismic data from an acquisition, we will determine which data is proprietary and which is non-proprietary. We will coordinate the agreements with the oil & gas companies to allow for the transfer of their proprietary data to our client without a fee. We will also negotiate on our client’s behalf, any transfer fees associated with data owned by seismic contractors.


Over the years, MIDCON has become proficient in assisting companies during and after their acquisitions. We have been involved in mergers for many oil & gas companies. We can assist our customers in avoiding liabilities and keeping costs low for acquisitions. By storing with a third-party vendor such as MIDCON, we will help our customers in the determination of proprietary versus non-proprietary seismic data and help you avoid potential lawsuits by accidentally taking possession of licensed non-proprietary data. We have testified in court cases about our processes for the handling of data to validate the client’s position.

Data Search

Let us help you find the data you need. Whether it is 2-D or 3-D data, MIDCON can complete your search and send you a PDF or Shapefile in the same day.

We have the relationships and knowledge within the industry to help you find the data you need. If we do not own the data, we know who does and, in most cases, who has the licensing rights.


Quality Check

Data searches are quickly followed up with quality checks. Our sales staff will schedule a meeting with you and your team at your location or you can come into one of our convenient offices.

  • Immediate response to QC inquires.

  • Same-day viewing for most data stored in the MIDCON facility.

  • Computerized quality checks.

Parameter database and knowledgeable staff can assist clients in screening various vintages of data.

Seismic Brokerage

As with all MIDCON divisions, service has been the key to our data brokerage success. The dedicated staff understands the competitive nature of the oil and gas world. Efficient seismic data brokerage can expedite leasing and drilling decisions. The data brokerage system developed by MIDCON combined with creative marketing provides the kinds of results every client needs to make for a prosperous exploration program.

With more than 10,000 miles of proprietary seismic data currently available for licensing, and all other seismic available in your area of interest, MIDCON can help you find the data you need and broker the deal for you. We will assist you every step of the way, from data searches to quality checks and licensing.


Delivery of the data and invoice does not constitute a complete sale at MIDCON. Here, we follow up on our service and provide priority handling for all firm orders. Only after all requested items have been delivered to a client do we consider the sale finished.



MIDCON provides Access to a well log library with more than 14,000 digital logs currently available.

Ask us about our volume discounts.

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Geophysical and Geological File Maintenance

The energy industry requires technical services specialized for the design and management of geophysical inventory. MIDCON tailors these services to meet your needs.

MIDCON’s geophysical and geological file maintenance can be performed in-house or on-site.

·         Inventory

·         File and re-file

·         Base-map generation

·         Full data-brokerage services

·         On-line data search tools

·         Storage and Reproduction Services

MIDCON offers off-site storage with complete in-house reproduction services, including: Conversion of magnetic tape and other formats (9 track tapes, 8mm, DLT, 3480, LTO, Colorado, DVD, CD, External Drives,  FTP Site, Enterprise Level SAN, Floppy Disk (5 ¼ and 3 ½ ) and G&G Formats: SEGB, SEGC, SEGD, SEGY, SEGP1, West Code 4)